The Hybrid Oper Script Collection I use only irssi

Quicklinks: CVS versions - CVS tarball - latest stable tarball - changelog - TODO list

This is a collection of scripts for irssi to make life of opers easier. It is mainly target for EFnet-compatible servers/networks, but a part of the scripts can also be used on other types of servers.
irssi lacks good oper tools, and this is an attempt to provide a collection of tools for opers on hybrid and similar ircds. Any comments, suggestions and requests are very welcome: please email them to garion (at) efnet (.) nl.

WARNING: you must have a DECENT Perl version. 5.005 is NOT adequate. FreeBSD users, be prepared to smack your admin to upgrade your outdated Perl.

Quickstart: download the tarball (either the CVS tarball or the latest stable tarball), extract, and run ./ -i for interactive installation.

Note: is not here yet. Please use the old version for now. It will be rewritten but it may need a redesign as well. If you are just starting out with ho_reformat, store this sample file in ~/.irssi/ and edit it.

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